There are times with any business when it feels like you need an extra boost to give your business an advantage. You know, those times when you are working as hard as you can but are constantly faced with obstacles. This is incredibly frustrating when you are good at what you do and you think that you have everything in place to succeed.

Having worked with Feng Shui on homes and businesses for over 20 years, it’s clear that the benefits of using Feng Shui for businesses are easier to quantify than for homes. By getting the energy of your premises right, you can see the direct correlation between the “before” Feng Shui and “after” on staff turnover, business generation and most importantly, profits. You don’t need to understand why you are making a change, you just need to do it.

I regularly see properties with something wrong with their Feng Shui that creates a negative impact on their business.  Sometimes these are very common mistakes that can be easily rectified. In fact you might not even realise that these even relate to Feng Shui. So here are some straightforward ways to improve your business, whether you have an designated office, a shop or you work from home:

Can people find you?

This sounds odd but if its difficult for people to find you and your business, then it’s often an indication that the energy isn’t right. I spend quite a lot of time trying to find properties for consultations, and I’ve learnt that this isn’t just down to my sense of direction!

Look at your door

Is it visible from outside?
Doors that are tucked away make it much harder to catch energy.

Do you have adequate signage (even if its a house number)?
If you don’t identify your property, people don’t know you’re there. If the energy can’t find you, neither will good business opportunities.

Is the area light and bright enough?
Light, bright, fresh spaces draw in strong energy and that includes business.  Have you ever approached a shop and you aren’t sure if they’re even open because it looks dark inside? Dark properties don’t encourage you to go in.

Can you get in?

People (and energy) won’t fight to get to your door. You need to make it easy. If there is parking outside, make sure that cars don’t block your entrance. Be aware also of the bollards and barriers in the street. If these are in line with the door, then your business potential is also affected.

All of these aspects indicate that you aren’t getting enough “energy”. And for energy read business, contracts, sales, connections etc. It can also mean that it is hard for you to get paid for what you do.

There’s a shop in my local town with a door across the corner. In theory, based on its position it should be able to catch business from 3 directions but the pillars at the door mean that the doorway is blocked and impractically small for a commercial property. If the door was wider, it could let more energy in.

On the inside 

As you stand at the entrance to your building facing in, can you see right through to the back door, fire escape, even a to great view through your building? If you can then you are losing money.

It could be that business is good but your overheads match or surpass your income. If your back door is larger than your main door, the situation is likely to be more dire than this. In this case the solution is to screen the door or window so that it is no longer in view.

Is yours a virtual business?

Don’t have a public office space? It can seem unlikely that your home base will impact on your business even though you don’t have clients visit you. However, where you do the work, especially the official base – where the post is delivered and the address for official records etc, will impact on this.

Even before the internet, we had a client with a group of holiday properties. These were only available to book through a brochure.  The properties with the best Feng Shui were consistently booked ahead of those with less good energy. The customers hadn’t seen the properties but were drawn by the energy. The same was the case for the house builder. The houses he built with good Feng Shui always sold quickest and for the best prices.

Obviously there are more detailed calculations and readings relating to a property that will have a very specific impact on your property. But the check points above are a good starting point for anyone. These will give you a taste of how you can change the energy of your business.

We invest so much time and energy in marketing our businesses, creating the right impression to optimise our success, that it makes sense to give your business an advantage in any way possible.


There are many other factors that will impact on your business. See my blog on Boosting your Business Image: for another “alternative” way to help your business.