I work with women who feel disconnected and stuck with their homes and, using my traditional Feng Shui skill, enable them to reconnect and make progress with clarity and confidence.


Any property can have good, bad or indifferent Feng Shui.

A Feng Shui consultation enables you to identify the type of energy you are living with and how this can be maximised to support you and your life goals.

Making supported decisions on these changes can save you time and money by taking the trial and error out of any project too.

With businesses, its not all about turnover: making sure staff and clients are happy, and your invoices get paid are also vital aspects of running a business and can be helped by a Feng Shui consultation.

The key is finding solutions to suit the energy of the building and its occupants.


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Home Consultation

The benefits of good Feng Shui are many and varied. It could be that health or wellbeing is an issue, or family life is fraught with conflict or difficulties.

You may work really hard but not reap the benefit of your efforts, or your relationship may not be thriving.

When your home is in balance, other pieces of the jigsaw of life start to slot into place.

Business Consultation

Having a Feng Shui consultation for your business premises can be the “secret weapon” to removing stress and making your business successful. It can help you to get more business, make it easier to get invoices paid and create more opportunities.

Any type of property can be assessed. To date I have worked with the beauty industry, spas, fashion retailers, fast food and high street coffee franchises to name a few.

Moving Home

Properties with good Feng Shui attract more buyers and are more highly valued than others.

Many properties have inherent problems that make them difficult to sell.

A pre-purchase or pre-sale inspection can identify these areas and, using cost effective methods, provide recommendations for change. When you consider the costs involved in buying or selling a property, this is a shrewd move.

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