I’m recommending the lovely Maria Green. I have had her help with 3 houses in the last 3 years and her advice has been instrumental in making some big shifts in our lives including saving us a fortune on buying a house that was beautiful but soooo not right for our family.

I’m pleased to say that our forever house has lots of ticks from Maria and we hope to be here and happy for a very long time. 

Helen Reynolds

Home Buyer

I’ve got to say my workspace feels fantastic since I moved my desk around, I feel so much more focused.

Ruth P

Home based Designer

My partner and I were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to build our own house and the thought of having the opportunity to incorporate feng shui would be fantastic so I approached Maria from Dynamic Spaces. Maria came out to the site, took readings, measurements and some details from my partner and I. She sent us a report with a suggested position for our build together with an internal layout of rooms.  We were then able to take this information to our architect who incorporated our wishes into the design.

Maria was so helpful, approachable and very happy to give me advice on kitchen and bathroom layouts, colour schemes and even advised on hinging of the doors!

M Whyte

New Build Home

Maria helped me to sell my home with ease.

My home was beautiful, very chic and modern…I was a bit bemused when the house didn’t sell.

Maria came in and helped me change the energy flows in very simple low cost and very effective ways. I had a call for a viewing 10 minutes after Maria left and the people bought it for the asking price!”

E Wheeler

Home Seller

I thought you’d be interested to know that we have made the changes to the bedrooms finally last week!  It totally feels right and George loves his new room and we like ours.

Nicki E


Everyone comments on how calm and easy our new home feels, how it flows, how well the colours work and how peaceful and cosy it feels for a new build property

Having bought a new build house, we were at the start of planning our home and wanted advice from Dynamic Spaces on how best to furnish the house, place furniture, along with the colours for each room that would best enhance the energy flow.

Maria completed a thorough survey of the house and outside space and [provided] a full report.

Maria explains very clearly the concept of Feng Shui and how we can harness the principals to the maximum.

Being faced with so many choices, I found Maria’s advice very beneficial to focus on what was important to achieve in each room.

Maria’s many years of experience in this industry shines through as does her passion. She was very supportive following the consultation and I would suggest to anyone starting on refurbishing a home to definitely have a consultation.

Maria Winslow


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