Properties with good Feng Shui attract more buyers and are more highly valued than others.

Buying or selling a home can be a highly stressful undertaking.

It’s a huge investment of emotional energy and money and the stakes can be high.

Some seemingly beautiful properties have inherent issues with their energy that make them difficult to sell.

This can result in lots of interested parties but no potential buyers or people pulling out of the sale and it can be very frustrating.

Much of the time (if you know how) the solutions to these problems are straightforward.

When you consider the cost of buying or selling a property as well as the fees involved in moving, this is a shrewd move to put yourself in the strongest possible position and work with the energy.

This is the time when you need to be able to stand out from the crowd.

Pre-Sale Inspection

The aim of a pre-sale inspection is to focus on the key areas of a property that will work to attracting buyers, making sure that the property can hold enough energy to draw in their new owner and achieve the best price.

The recommendations are always intended to be the most cost effective so that any changes are those strictly necessary to help sell the house.

By strengthening the energy of a home at this time, you have the added bonus of supporting your move to a home with stronger energy too.

This service works well when combined with Date Selection to choose an auspicious time to put your property on the market. (Further information on request.)

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Pre-purchase Inspection

Having your prospective new home assessed takes some of the stress out of buying a new property. The inspection can identify the strength of the property, whether it suits you and provide suggestions as to any areas of concern.

Many clients who have had a home consultation use this service when looking for their new home to ensure that they choose a supportive home.

I have had her help with 3 houses in the last 3 years and her advice has been instrumental in making some big shifts in our lives including saving us a fortune on buying a house that was beautiful but soooo not right for our family. I’m pleased to say that our forever house has lots of ticks from Maria.                                                                      Helen Reynolds


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