Plants can improve your Feng ShuiLive, healthy plants in a home give us an instant fix of nature but did you know plants can improve your Feng Shui too?

As they are living, growing things, they enhance good energy, absorb electromagnetic waves from electrical equipment, and improve air quality and reduce condensation. They are also great for making a home feel lived in without creating clutter.

Once you find the right place with the right conditions for the right plant, most plants are really easy to look after.

However there are some ways to get your plants to work even better for you to improve your Feng Shui.

  • Generally, spiky plants, cacti or red and pink flowering should not be placed beside a computer or TV. Spiky plants and cacti belong to the “fire” element as does electrical equipment so this is doubling up on the fire. A leafy plant such as a peace lily works well beside electronics as they can absorb electromagnetic waves.
  • It’s be lovely to have your plants thriving at your windows. However, don’t let your plants block the light. You need this light to keep the energy of your home fresh.
  • Faux plants can look really convincing but they aren’t alive so they don’t enhance the energy the way a live plant does. Fake plants are effectively just ornaments.
  • Don’t place your potted plants too high. This can make it seem as if you are overwhelmed by plants and can increase your stress levels. The exception is if you have a trailing plants, which would naturally grow higher up.

Plants for your Bedroom

Don’t have too many plants in a bedroom. Most plants give out carbon dioxide at night which can upset the natural balance of a room. Orchids, which symbolize long life, produce oxygen at night so these would be a good option.

A Snake plant also produces oxygen at night but as this is a sharp leafed plant. it’s not ideal. Spikey or jagged plants are seen as fiery and so aren’t ideal in a bedroom as they can relate to arguments or conflict.

Also too many plants can look like a jungle – not the best place to be sleeping!

Plants to Improve Wealth and Luck

Succulents like money plants and bamboo plants, which are symbolic of good luck, are best placed in a living space or office. It’s even better if these are in the southeast or north of your home.

They should not be placed in a bathroom. You don’t want to flush away your luck or money!

Avoid putting these in bedrooms too as you don’t want your money energy to be dormant!

Plants to suit bathrooms

If you have natural light in your bathroom, then its a great idea to have an odd number of plants. Bathroom energy is naturally drained away. However if your bathroom is in an area with good energy or that relates to a family member, then plants can work to keep the energy flourishing.

This is especially important if the space is in the north or south as these positions relate to the “mother” and “father” of the household.

How to improve condensation

During cooler months condensation can be an issue in many homes. Damp energy is too yin and isn’t good for any home, bringing with it potential health issues. The plants that help to reduce condensation are:

Spider plants (practically indestructible!),

Peace lily,

Aloe Vera (great for healing burns too),

Boston fern – good for bathrooms and kitchens

English Ivy, great if you have less space.

Plants to stimulate stagnant spaces.

If you have a room that you don’t use much, add an odd number of plants to the space. This will help to stop the energy becoming stagnant.

Plants can be used to decorate your home with the changing seasons too: having pots of spring bulbs, summer flowering plants etc as the year progresses creates a connection with nature that is good for the spirit and the energy of your home..

Not enough daylight?

If a space is too dark for plants to survive, then it isn’t a good space for humans to use much either. You can improve light levels by using full spectrum/daylight bulbs or daylight panels. Many plants can live under this type of light which shows the benefit of light boxes for humans too. (Search for SAD lamps as these are more likely to produce good quality light.)


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