Isn’t it easy to find your home dispiriting now that the Christmas decorations and cosy lights have come down?

I know in the past I felt a bit flat as I discovered the cobwebs and dust while removing the Christmas cards (yes I realise that it suggests that the dust was there before the cards went up!) Nowadays I have a different approach which is much more positive: I take the time to “review” what’s behind the cards and tinsel and having made space for a huge tree I think about how maybe we could use that space differently in future.

This gives me the opportunity to look at things that have been sitting on the shelves and bookcases and decide whether they should stay there and if not I have a quick sort out. We all stop looking at our spaces after a while and this time can be used to refocus our attention. A couple of tweaks – maybe rehoming some books that you don’t need and could pass on to a friend, removing some “stuff” that didn’t have a home so was left on the shelf. These are just small steps but are much more easily achievable that some of the big January goals we often feel pressured by.

Another plus is that it makes the removal of the decorations a positive action and refreshes the energy of your space.

Once you start to feel the benefit of this clearing you often start to feel more up to tackling other areas where you’re holding on to “stuff”: – does your study/desk have a pile of magazines you meant to check for relevant articles? Get real if you haven’t done it in the last few months it’s not going to happen. The cupboard full of clothes you keep meaning to alter – same thing. Freeing yourself of more stuff than you have the time or energy to deal with can liberate you and releases much of the negative energy that holds you back.


If the house feels a little bare without the decorations it’s a good idea to introduce a plant as it will stimulate some good energy.

Remember though leaving the Christmas decorations up to try and keep things cosy means you’re holding on to past energy and we all know that’s not good!