clean house good for feng shuiIf you work from home and sometimes get immersed in your work it’s easy to let everything else slip. I admit it tends to be only when I’m procrastinating that I start noticing all the chores that need doing. It can be tricky to walk the talk in terms of what I do for a living and how I live and this brought about the realisation that while it pains me to admit it we are all hostages to housework.

I really resonate with the quote from Erma Bombeck:

“Housework is a treadmill from futility to oblivion with stop offs at tedium and counter productivity”

It can be mind numbingly boring and often turns me into a harpy (no really!) when a small person traipses through a newly cleaned house with muddy shoes. It seems like housework is time wasted that could have been better spent doing something (anything) more rewarding.

However in terms of Feng Shui the energy is better in places that are bright, clean and clutter free so housework equals good energy. Darn it!

One misconception about Feng Shui is that you have to live a minimalist lifestyle – not so but you have to be able to let in good energy so dark cluttered hallways and rooms crammed with furniture aren’t ideal. Good Feng Shui has to be practical too though and a family lifestyle doesn’t mix with scant furniture and hard surfaces.

On the plus side for those of us who don’t relish housework (so mostly non Virgos!) if a house is too sterile it can’t support good energy either.

So there has to be a happy medium – you need to retain the feeling that your house is your home, a place to relax and unwind while have a degree of control over the daily surge of “stuff” and dust.

I hate to admit it but the house does always feel better when it’s been vacuumed and it’s great when the windows have been cleaned too, and finding stuff is always easier if it’s been put away – it starts to become a no brainer really – maybe it’s just me doing the housework that I hate….

Please note that this is an equal opportunity blog and does not presume that housework is a gender specific task!