Are you lucky?You know how some people seem to be lucky and life seems to just fall into place? Not everyone would associate that luck with where they live but if you live in a property that has good energy you may take your luck for granted. However if your home isn’t working for you then you will often end up blaming yourself or the universe for the constant barrage of bills, hard work and disasters.
We are all subject to the vagaries of luck to a certain extent but where you live and work can either protect you from the worst of this or expose you to the full force of it.
Because the energy of places isn’t visible to many people it can be hard to accept that it exists. However you don’t actually have to believe it – as long as you make the necessary changes you’ll get the benefit. (This isnt like Father Christmas or the Tooth Fairy!)
There are some really simple ways to help yourself to improve your luck:
In Feng Shui the left hand side of a property as you look out relates to the male, yang energy. All properties need strong yang energy to be supportive. If the male side of a property is much lower than the right hand side then your home will have difficulty providing you with support. This will affect the men of the house especially to the extent that they may not want to spend time at home. The solution could be simple – a solid fence or an evergreen hedge to hold the energy. This acts like an arm to catch the energy and will make life easier – maybe you won’t have to work such long hours or you’ll get recognised for your work or find friends more helpful. If the right hand side of a property is lower then women will have to work hard or be out of the house a lot with little support.
Another way to help build the energy of your home is to stand at the front door looking in; can you see right through the house to a window, the back door or the bathroom door? If so then not only is all of the energy going straight through your home taking luck and opportunities with it but you won’t be able to hold onto money. To reduce the problem add a blind or curtain to block the door. If it’s a bathroom then you could add an automatic closer to keep the door shut and make sure that the door is painted the same colour as the walls so that it disappears.
Let me know how your luck improves when you make the changes ….

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