Whether it’s a UK holiday or a trip abroad we all have great expectations for our summer holiday. Wherever you go it’s bound to be expensive and travel has been so limited over recent years that there’s even more pressure to make the most of time spent away. You want to make the most of your holiday haven!

Holiday heavenIf you are using a self catering property that has been empty for a while, especially a large property, then the lack of human occupation means that the energy will have become stagnant.  If it’s unsupportive or sick energy then you need to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Usually all this needs is to open all the windows and doors to let out the stale energy and get some fresh air in.

A few years ago some friends spent the Whitsun holiday week in a French villa. They were the first visitors of the season and they said the property smelt quite stale on entering. Before they’d had a chance to air the place, two members of their group had separately tripped over. One of them was hospitalised for several days. This was a result of the build up of sick energy in the house which had impacted on the most vulnerable members of the group.

When you’re staying in a strange property you don’t really know what you are getting in terms of the energy.

Simple ways to make the most of your holiday haven

  • Give the property an airing as soon as you get in. This draws in fresh energy and gets rid of any stale or negative energy that has built up. If you have young or elderly members of your group, they should wait to enter until the energy has been refreshed.
  • Look at where you’ll be sleeping – those characterful beams in the French gite or the eaves in the cute attic bedroom? They can cause problems for the body parts beneath them so you could end up with a headache or worse. (A beam straight down the middle of a bed can cause marital arguments so beware!) Try to move the bed away from the beam if you can.
  • If there are mirrors reflecting your bed, you are might not sleep so well or you might have nightmares. You could cover or move the mirror so that you can’t see your reflection.
  • If you are holidaying with children they will be affected by the energy as much as you so take care to ensure that their room is good for sleep too. (Even though it’s a short term holiday you could look at how to place their bed in my blog here)

A Tip for the Future

In future book your holiday property as soon as you can. Properties with good energy usually get booked up first. I once worked on a consultation on a country estate with eight holiday cottages. The ones with good Feng Shui were the ones that people booked first. You don’t need to be in a property to be drawn to a good one. The ones with “less good” Feng Shui were left until last. This has always stuck in my mind when I leave booking a holiday until the last minute!

Now all that’s left is to find the sun lounger and enjoy!

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