These brief (and random) Feng Shui tips and observations will help you make your home an oasis of calm and relaxation!

Welcome in good energy

The entrance to your home affects the energy that enters the house and the energy of both occupants and visitors.
It needs to be light, fresh and clear of clutter.
Our poor overworked houses are acting as home and workplace for more of us than ever so this is doubly important.
  : Making the space attractive will bring in stronger energy. Flowers or a flowering plant in the hall will lift the energy and also your spirits when you enter.



Making room in one area of your home can impact other areas of your life too.

Holding on to too much

Do you save things for best? Or keep things “just in case”? I confess I used to battle with this but in truth we’re doing more harm than good.

Holding on to things in case we need them means that we are rejecting good energy by creating doubt that our good luck won’t last. As a result, we don’t benefit from what we have now.

In times of crisis it can be hard to let go of things. However this is exactly the time when we need to surround ourselves with the most supportive energy. If we make space, we allow the positive energy around us to flow.

Feng Shui Tip: Clear out things that you are keeping “in case” This could be clothes of a different size or products that you don’t like but you feel were too expensive to just throw away. Also get rid of anything that you really don’t like, even if it is really useful.

This mentality is a symptom of how we hold back in other areas of our lives too. By removing the simple blocks first, we can let the energy flow into all aspects of our lives.


Add nature into your spaceSeasonal Adjustments

As the seasons change, I need to make more of an effort to stay positive with the onset of darker mornings, less sunlight and time spent outdoors.
I’m planning to reassess my home and workspace to keep the connection with nature that has kept me going in recent months.
Here are some simple things we can all do to connect us to the strongest energy:
            Bring in some leafy plants and make sure that the view outside has some seasonal flowering plants to enjoy even when you’re inside.
            Introduce full spectrum daylight bulbs into living and workspaces to ensure that you get enough of the best type of light. Hopefully this will help to keep the winter blues away too.
           ️ Add more natural fabrics and textures to your space. Wood, stone, wool and textured fabric connect your subconscious to nature. Images of the countryside will also help.

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