Moving water can enhance your home and finances.A water feature in your home or garden will have a direct impact on finances, health and relationships. Clearly you want this to be a positive impact. To make sure that you get it right first time and avoid costly mistakes here are some important Feng Shui Tips for Water Features.

Water Feature Location and Direction

The position of your water feature is vital – the best locations are generally in the southeast or the north.

(If you have had a consultation, you may have been given a specific position for your fountain. This should take priority as the location may have additional benefits for the energy of your home.)

If you have an indoor water feature, then it should be positioned on a table or shelf that is no lower than your knees or higher than your heart.

The direction of the water flow should be towards your house. If it flows the wrong way, then you may be draining your home of money and energy.

Water Flow and Sound

It needs to be fresh, moving water, so you need a pump to circulate the water. This pump must be kept running unless you are away for a period of time. Switching it on and off will damage the flow of financial energy. A solar powered pump could be a good option if you don’t have a power source and your garden gets enough sun.

The strength of the water flow is important: if it’s too fast, then you may not be able to cope with the energy it brings. However, if it’s too slow, it won’t be strong enough to benefit your finances.

If your water feature leaks then your finances are draining away too. (Leaking water always relates to money draining away!)

The water must sound pleasant. If it doesn’t sound relaxing, then the energy isn’t right.


Fish Pond

Your water feature could take the form of a fish tank or garden pond. The principles are the same but you have the added benefit of fish!

You will still need to have a pump to keep the water moving.

If you have a fish tank in your home, then your tank will also need a lid and light and some plants to make it look natural. Generally 7 gold fish and 2 black fish work well.


  • It’s always a good idea to start the water feature or fish tank  on an auspicious day. Your friendly Feng Shui consultant can help you with this. 😁


  • Finances are the primary area to benefit from a water feature. However if the water position is wrong, it could affect the health of a family member or relationships, so care is needed.


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