Autumn pumpkin, candle warm drink and leaves
It’s really no surprise that it can be tricky to push away worries and negativity when we are inundated by it on a daily basis is it?
The energy that surrounds us affects how we think and feel, it’s even more important that our homes are sanctuaries from the outside world.

But by making our space a place that feeds our senses, we attract fresher, more positive energy and there’s less room for negativity.

So why not give some of these ideas a try?

  • Make the entrance to your home smell great. It will give your spirits a lift as you come in. In cooler weather, warming, spicy smells like cinnamon, clove and orange will trigger the feel-good factor. (Avoid artificial air fresheners as they aren’t as effective.)
  • What can you see when you enter your home or when you sit down to relax? Is it something that gives you pleasure? It could be some seasonal flowers or something that always makes you smile – a photo of some friends or a gift from a loved one. Surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good makes it easier to be positive.
  • What does your home sound like? Hard surfaces cause sounds to become harsher. Sound is energy vibration and needs to be balanced for our wellbeing. Soft furnishings and rugs will help absorb excessive vibrations, especially if you have wooden floors and an open plan home.
    It’s also worth avoiding constant news on tv and radio in your home. Hearing bad news and gloom will raise your stress levels about things you can’t control and will affect your ability to relax.
  • Touch and feel comfort is a vital human sense. This feels more important than ever post pandemic.
    Temperature is one of the biggest touch signifiers at this time of year. A soft furry throw in a “warm” colour to snuggle into brings a sense of comfort too.
  • In Feng Shui our home is like a body so while we want to “feed” it so that it can support us, we should also think about how we feed our bodies. Warming food that tastes great is better in the colder months. Avoid salads and icy drinks. Cold food makes our systems work too hard and depletes our energy.

Connecting with your home

Our senses shape the way we connect to our homes. The more connected we feel, the greater our potential for happy and supported lives.

(Of course, if you don’t feel connected to your home, you might need your Feng Shui looked at! I think you know a person..😉)
Hope your home is keeping you cosy!
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