Dramatic decorating styleIf someone asked you about your personal decorating style, how would you describe it?

It’s no surprise that our homes have been even more of a focus in recent years. Changing the look and feel of where we live when we’ve had to spend more time at home was a great distraction. But it can be difficult to know where to start. The internet is full of inspiration – Instagram, Pinterest, Style Blogs. There are sooo many ideas that is is difficult to choose your personal decorating style.

You might love the idea of jewel coloured walls, lush plants and sumptuous textiles but when you’ve got the finished look, the new style might not “work” or you just don’t feel comfortable. This could be because the colours don’t suit the energy of the room or it could be that it doesn’t feel “like you”.

When you are struggling with how to decorate your space, take a look at the clothes you prefer to wear. Can you see the connection between what you like to wear and your favourite rooms?

So what is your personal decorating style?*

When it comes to personal style, there are lots of ways to define your preferences. The following 4 basic groups encompass the general principles. I’ve translated this into decorating styles:

Dramatic Decorating Style

Do you love clothes that attract attention or a compliment? Do you find strong, bold colours and sparkly jewellery lift your spirits? If so then chandeliers, dramatic mirrors, strong wall colours or one-off statement pieces could be part of your decorating theme. Sumptuous cushions in velvet and brocade, gold framed pictures are all elements of Dramatic style.

The Dramatic decorating themes can cover any period in history – from extremely modern minimalist to highly styled period pieces. This style makes a bold statement.

“Feminine” Styling

If you like dresses and frills and pastel colours, then your more traditionally feminine style could be described as “girly” and can be quite youthful. This includes soft fabrics, florals, lace; lots of cushions, pillows and throws. Pink and soft pastels are likely to feature.Feminine styling

Furniture is more likely to be quite delicate in shape with lots of curves. Fairy string lights or soft fabric lampshades may well feature. This style can be much easier to achieve in a bedroom.

Classic Choices

Classic designDo you feel more comfortable with regular, more formal shapes in neutral colours or medium shades? Classic decorating is highly practical, pared down but comfortable. It’s quite conservative but can also include design classics like Ercol, G Plan or mid-century style where lines and shapes are regular.

For lots of people, Classic style items are a starting point for the more expensive items of furniture or a middle ground compromise between people who share a home but have very different personal preferences.

Natural Flow

If you like to wear natural fabrics, jeans, wool and linen in casual, comfortable styles, then you may prefer a Natural decorating style. Textured upholstery fabrics, chunky wool throws, vintage leather sofas, shabby chic and sheepskin rugs all feature in this category.Natural style

The current trend for biophilia, bringing elements of nature into our living spaces, falls perfectly into this category with unpainted or antiqued wood, bare brick, and lots of plants as part of this theme.

Decorating Style Combinations

Just as people rarely dress completely all one style and you may find that your personal decorating style combines more than one category too.

Having to share your home with other people is likely to restrict your personal decorating choices. While there’s an assumption that women care more about what their home says about them, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they get to choose the style. You may want a feminine bedroom style but your partner might not be on board with the idea.

How to use the your decorating style without completely redecorating

Just as we often adjust our personal style for different areas of our lives, it can be fun to use difference styles in different rooms. Maybe your study is Classic style to help you concentrate but you like a more relaxed Natural style for your living space.

If you are struggling with an area that isn’t working for you but you don’t want to completely redecorate the whole room, you might be able to add elements from your favourite style category to create a connection.

Perhaps your Classic room needs more vitality. Could you add a large picture to create more colour or pattern?

If you want more Natural elements, think about adding a gorgeous specimen plant in the corner. Or maybe cushions in more tactile fabrics to add a feminine touch.

This is an easy way to look at making your home feel more “you”. If not, you may just need a Feng Shui consultant to help you get to grips with the energy of your space for you! 😉

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* These categories are based on the fabulous work done by personal stylist Helen Reynolds. Her work relates to personal dressing styles and how this can be divided into a combination of 4 main categories: Dramatic, Girly, Classic and Natural. Helen Reynolds Style can be found here.

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