Will you ever wear it again?

I am the absolute last person to give wardrobe advice but I do know a fair bit about people holding on to “things” and how that impacts on their lives.

Now that the seasons are changing and we are looking out warmer clothes in favour of summer things (or vice versa depending where you live), it’s a good opportunity to make some room in your cupboards.

As you flick past a pair of summer trousers that you didn’t wear this year, ask yourself why you didn’t. If there was no good reason for it, then why actually pack them away for next summer? If you put them in the winter storage bag, they will be taking up space for another 9 months before you get them out to not wear again next year!

(Seriously, I know about this. I keep coming across something I wore to a wedding 15 years ago and have been keeping because I like the fabric – the couple divorced a few years ago. I now accept that I won’t be wearing again or even making it into a pillow case, so its going!)

So if you create another pile for the charity shop while you’re putting away the summer gear, you will hardly notice the stuff has gone. Although you will feel lighter for having less stuff hanging around.

It’s just baby steps but the process becomes simpler and it gets easier to implement in other rooms too. And if you needed a further incentive, I can mention the client who got rid of 27 bags of “stuff” that she had been holding on to for years and shortly afterwards won the lottery! Doesn’t it make sense to give it a go?

If you get rid of the old, you allow room for the new – a million “new” in her case!


Let the new season bring some positive change to your home.