A very personal approach

I value the privacy of my clients highly and as such never reveal details of my consultations. This does however create difficulties when trying to show the success of my work!

I have over 25 years experience working on all types of projects. Previous client properties range from city centre apartments, family homes to stately homes. Business consultations include fashion retail, hair salons, major high street coffee franchises and corporate offices as well as independent retailers and small businesses. The principles of Feng Shui can be applied to any type of building.

The New Build

My partner and I were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to build our own house and the thought of having the opportunity to incorporate feng shui would be fantastic so I approached Maria from Dynamic Spaces. Maria came out to the site, took readings, measurements and some details from my partner and I. She sent us a report with a suggested position for our build together with an internal layout of rooms.  We were then able to take this information to our architect who incorporated our wishes into the design. 
Maria was so helpful, approachable and very happy to give me advice on kitchen and bathroom layouts, colour schemes and even advised on hinging of the doors!
We are about to start our build and really looking forward to the finished product, and enjoying many harmonious years there. 
If you are in the lucky position of being able to design/build your own home, we would highly recommend Maria to help you create a wonderful space for you and your family. 

Building a new property is an ideal opportunity to catch the best energy  from the very beginning of the build. I worked with my clients to get the optimum orientation of the building on the plot through to the room layouts and colour schemes. It was a great way to tailor a property to its occupants and create their forever home.

The Extensionrear house extension

Whether you are completely renovating a small dated bungalow into a light and modern open plan family home or creating more space to work from home, making the most of your available space is an ideal opportunity to optimise the best energy and make the investment pay off. I was able to advise my clients how to make the most of the added space in their home and improve the energy of their existing space at the same time.

The Family Home

Updating a new home on a tight budget means that any changes need to be as cost effective as possible. Focussing on changes that will bring the greatest benefit was the key aim of the consultation.

Pre-Sale/Pre-Purchase Assessment

My clients had already worked with me on their current home and wanted to check that their potential new home suited their needs before they put in an offer. They felt that it took some of the worry out of their potential purchase.

Site Assessment

I regularly work with business clients to help them assess the new sites for their portfolio of new shops, restaurants and cafes. This gives them the security of choosing the right building so they get a good return on their investment. 

Building Design
My clients were opening a new health spa and needed advice on how to create the optimum layout for a luxurious and relaxing spa as well as creating a profitable business.