light open office with plantsNow that we have a timeline for places of business to gradually reopen, it’s time to consider these poor under used spaces and take the opportunity to refresh them after lockdown, ready for reopening.

Even healthy buildings need to be used to maintain balanced energy. Otherwise the energy inside becomes stagnant. Without movement, doors opening, and lights on, the energy becomes too yin and unsupportive. This build-up of energy can have a negative impact on the buildings’ occupants and the business. Now is the time to refresh the energy after lockdown to give your business as much help as you can.

How to refresh a building’s energy after lockdown

These simple tasks can help to improve the energy of your workspace as you prepare for reopening:

  • Make sure you regularly open windows and doors to let in fresh air and stimulate the energy.
  • Turn on lights to draw in stronger, yang energy. This is especially important if you don’t get a lot of natural daylight in your space.
  • Place some live plants or flowers near the entrance to the building. (Both inside and outside if you can.) Also you should remove any dead plants that didn’t survive lockdown. This will maintain the connection to the nature we’ve been craving during this time as well as stimulate positive energy.
  • Stale or damp air isn’t a good indicator of a healthy space. Be aware how the building smells as you enter.
  • It’s the perfect time for a thorough spring clean to get rid of anything out of date. Removing old energy and creating space for future goals will help get things off to a positive start.


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Photo by Shridhar Gupta on Unsplash