Shelf with vaseWe expect a lot of our home: it needs a place to relax and socialise and be a place to work or study too. When making any changes, it can be easy to overlook some simple things and you could end up with a “problem room”. If you also take into consideration the different style preferences and personalities of its occupants, it’s a surprise that there aren’t more issues.

So have you got a problem room that really doesn’t work for you?

It could be that the colour isn’t right, or that you can’t relax in it or your mood feels instantly lower when you enter a room. If the problem isn’t obvious then it might not be you – it could be the energy of the space that is out of balance.

While I love my home – I’ve be able to experiment with Feng Shui rules and my personal style, I have a confession – my kitchen is not my favourite place and I wouldn’t make the same choices if I had to do it again.

The Importance of Room Layout 

Five element cycle can calm a problem room

How the Five Elements relate can create a problem room

When I decided on an open plan kitchen, I was focussed on the layout in terms of the Feng Shui, for example – the position of the hob and sink are fundamental.

The hob relates to the fire energy that feeds a family. It also relates to the lead male in the house. The sink relates to water element and the mother of the house. If you’ve come across the Five Element Cycle you know that water can extinguish fire.

If the hob and sink are opposite each other, there is conflict and this can impact harmony and relationships in a home. (This doesn’t always end in divorce! It could be bickering over dinner preparation, but any imbalance is best avoided.)

Colour is vital too!

Also the colour of the room is important – too many earth elements colours – cream, grey, yellow and brown (timber) colours can drain the energy of the room. Too much blue and you have too much water again, draining the fire energy and possibly causing conflict.

Other Senses

So at the time I didn’t consider sound. But this is a Feng Shui issue too. Just like when you’re in a noisy restaurant and it’s so loud that you can’t relax and talk to your friends, too many hard surfaces make things uncomfortably loud. Any imbalance isn’t good Feng Shui

In my defence at the time the boys were toddlers – there was already NOISE! But as they got quieter the lack of sound absorption was still a problem.

My basic understanding of acoustics is that you need about one third of surfaces in a room to be sound absorbent to reach comfortable noise levels. I’ve added rugs, plants, and various other materials. My new quiet kettle and fixing my fax oven helped too!

So do you have a problem space?

If something doesn’t feel right or you have to work hard to carry out tasks in your home, then the chances are that there’s something out of balance. It’s amazing what a relief it is when you find the solution!

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