Hold on to your energy

I was chuckling about a new Feng Shui bicycle (apparently its a thing!) and it made me think that, while calling this Feng Shui is a bit of a stretch, some of the key principles involved in the process of changing the energy of a space can relate directly other aspects of our lives such as those we need to use to look after our own personal energy.

In Feng Shui it is important to be clear about accepting the good energy that comes to you. Creating barriers, both physical and mental, will restrict the good energy coming to you. (Mental barriers include worrying about something which attracts negative energy.)

With a property, you also need to stop the energy draining away so that it can support its occupants. A property with no energy or bad energy is a hindrance. In Feng Shui this would be a case of checking that the energy that comes in doesn’t go straight back out again. On a personal level its about holding on to the energy you need to get through your day, achieve your goals, remain healthy and happy rather than saying yes to everyone else and help them achieve their goals but to your detriment. If we say yes too often, we end up feeling exhausted and resentful and then bad about ourselves for feeling like this. It’s a downward spiral. It comes back to the cliched simile of the oxygen mask on a plane: – in an emergency, you need to put on your own mask first.

You have to change something. If it’s your home or office, then its easy to accept that something needs adjustment to get a change. Relating this to our personal energy means you have to acknowledge that to get a different outcome, you need a different action.

In Feng Shui it often takes a very small adjustment to create significant benefits, just like tweaking the dial of a radio or TV aerial. This “tuning in” is changing the vibration. If we’re looking at our personal attitudes to our own energy, there could be simple steps that you can take to strengthen your own energy; can you take time to occasionally say no to something that stresses you out? Or think about how taking on more obligations will make you feel? Can you keep a tally of how much you have taken in in terms of your own self care and what you have done for others?

For example, I know for a fact that if I don’t get enough time to myself, then I struggle to be civil to people! (Some of you may have noticed…)

Looking at things this way, it begs the question: – if we are prepared to look after the energy of our surroundings to make them look nice and benefit others, shouldn’t we be looking after ourselves just as carefully? It’s certainly worth a try.

Wishing you a relaxed and energy rich summer!