Now that the seasons are changing the lack of natural light can be a real shock to the system. It’s all very well having cosy lighting in the evenings as you settle in for the evening but that’s no help when trying to get dressed in the dark in the morning. If you suffer from Seasonal Affected Disorder you will already be aware of the need for white light to help balance your mood and circadian rhythms but for those of us who are simply feeling the end of summer blues it’s worth reconsidering how we bring light into our homes especially when so many people also work from home too. The amount of light in a building affects the strength of the energy in it and this in turn will impact on how it supports you.

First though it’s worth considering if the entrance to your home is bright enough. Is there adequate light at your front door? If not think about installing a light – lights are yang (strong energy) and will draw in stronger energy. (It’s no surprise that single women often need to bring more light into their homes – not enough yang energy means males don’t feel comfortable.)

  • Some of the ways to increase light levels within your home are really simple:
  • Fully open blinds or curtains at each window – I know this seems obvious but even tilted (or even dusty) blinds or artfully draped curtains reduce the amount of light in a room. This has the added benefit of drawing in more yang energy into a room, stimulating the energy
  • Unblock windows – check you haven’t reduced the amount of light coming in by placing plants or possessions such as picture frames on window ledges.
  •  Borrow light into areas that don’t receive natural light – sometimes the simplest way to do this is to open doors from rooms that open onto internal hallways. If the room you are borrowing light from is a daytime room such as a living room you could replace solid doors with glazed ones. A more involved solution would be creating a fan light above a doorway or if you have direct access to the roof space even installing a sun pipe.
  • Daylight bulbs are a great simple solution as they simulate natural light they can draw in strong yang energy to your home or business. This is great for your health, productivity and the energy of your home.
  • Using a mirror is a conventional way to draw in or reflect more light into an area. However in Feng Shui mirrors have the added power of enhancing money energy if they in the right position but draining it if they are in the wrong place. For this reason they should really only be used on north or southeast walls. You could also place a lamp with a daylight bulb in front of the mirror for more light too.
  • Reflective surfaces on furniture or floring is also a good way of making an area lighter.
  • Avoid earth element colours – colours from the earth element such as yellow, peach, beige, grey terracotta etc as well as real flat matt paint finishes. These all absorb light rather than reflect it so avoid these in areas that don’t catch a lot of natural light. There are some paint brands that claim to have light reflective properties too which is also worth trying.
  • Consider getting a Bodyclock alarm – this has a light that simulates sunrise to wake you rather than noise. It’s a much gentler way to way up an

So while it’s hard to actually embrace the darker mornings at least we can make our homes fit for the change of seasons and we stand a chance of leaving the house wearing matching socks too!