I use the usual suspects of Social Media platforms to keep you up to date. I post on things that I find interesting from a Feng Shui perspective. Most of the blog topics need plenty of words, so I always add these to the website. With the blogs, I aim to cover subjects that are of interest for business clients as well as for private homes. Over time you should get a fair mix of topics.

However if you have an area of specific interest that you would like to read about, please email me – maria@dynamicspaces.co.uk. I’ll be happy to add something on that topic.  Its fascinating how often the principles of Feng Shui can be applied to a situation to bring balance or give a boost!


On my Dynamic Spaces Facebook page, I aim to add commentary on current items in the news relating to property,  decorating trends and their impact. I also add shared links and articles that are useful or interesting in relation to Feng Shui. These cover buildings, design, interiors and energy. If you “like” the page and tick to accept notifications, you will be kept up to date on links and notifications for the blogs too. You can find the page here.


My Pinterest page is Dynamic Spaces Ideas. I use this to pin images and ideas that are really useful if you have had a consultation with me. The pins reflect design ideas or colour schemes that will to “solve” some of the issues that we have discussed. It saves you time searching for a solution and often provides you with a way or sourcing this. Even if you haven’t worked with me, these pins could give you inspiration to improve your home.


I am on LinkedIn under Maria Green.


My Instagram page is: @mariagreendynamicspaces .