I’m a bit embarrassed that I’ve only just realised that the equinoxes are the time when the world isn’t rotating at an angle. Having just had the autumn equinox, where day and night are the same length, it has really struck me that it is a time of balance, however brief.

The autumn equinox coinciding with harvest time feels like a productive time with things coming to fruition. This is a good time to get plans going.

For me there’s always a bit of “back to school” energy about now, which makes me feel that I should be getting on with things. In fact it’s the perfect time to get moving on a project before the energy of the year runs out.

So if you are looking to move house, start a renovation or a new work project, now’s the time to get on with it!

As autumn moves in, the energy becomes slower and depleted and by the time it gets to  November/December it would probably be better for you to wait until after the Winter Solstice for new projects.

If you have something extra special to plan, you could use an auspicious date where we select a day that work with your own year of birth. Get in touch if this is something you think could help you.

To help keep focussed and make progress at this time of year there are some simple things you can do to change the Feng Shui of your home to benefit to your personal energy and your home.

Simple ways to get more personal energy:

If you’re planning a big project, be very clear what it is and have an image that represents it clearly visible.

For personal goals, you can place the image opposite your bed. If it’s a professional goal, place it opposite your desk or work space.

Get more fresh air, even just getting outside to walk. Then you’re catching some yang energy even if it isn’t bright sunshine. The earlier in the day the better so you catch the stronger, rising energy. This will support your physical health too.

Get more energy into your Home

Make sure that your home gets enough daylight. If you are working from home, this is even more important as your home supports both your personal life and your work. Your home needs daylight and the fresh yang energy it brings to help you function properly.

If you go out to work, your home still needs to recharge its energy so be sure to open your curtains before you go to work.

If you work under artificial light, use full spectrum daylight bulbs. Plants can survive under this type of lighting, which shows that it is clearly more healthy than standard lighting. For more information on full spectrum daylight bulbs this article might help.

Bring some nature into your home or workplace. The connection we have to nature and the energy of the seasons is fundamental. Plants also help to absorb the electro-magnetic energy of pcs and electronics. If the plants die, replace them. Unless you are completely neglecting them, they could be dying because they’re absorbing negative energy.

If you can try to catch the fresh yang energy that is scarcer as we approach the end of the year it will also give you the chance to maintain your own energy and start each day with a clear focus.


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