Whether you have found your “one” or are still looking, did you know that where you live affects your relationship potential?

Some houses support balanced relationship while others can make even finding a partner difficult. The position, shape and layout of your home can all have an impact.

Why Does Where You Live Affect Relationships?

At its simplest, good Feng Shui is a balance between yang (male) and yin (female) energy. A balanced property supports relationships. So whether you share a home with someone or are looking to do so, there are certain things you can check that you are getting as much support as you need:

The Shape And Position Of Your House

How can where you live affect your relationship?

Your home is influenced by the energy around it. The way the land slopes and even the way the street curves will impact how men and women feel in their home. For example when facing a house, everything on the right-hand side relates to male energy. Everything on the left-hand side relates to women. If the land slopes away then it could be that a partner will spend less time in a house or have to work really hard. This affects the available energy they have to committing to a relationship or sharing the work. This, in turn, can lead to arguments and frustration in the relationship. While you always need to get specific advice for any property, there are often simple changes, such as exterior planting that can help to improve a property.

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Your House Shape Can Affect Your Relationship

An irregular footprint affects the male/female balance of a house too. If you’re looking for a partner and their position is missing, then there is no place for them.The footprint of a house can affect your relationship

One client was shocked when I explained that the position relating to her ex-husband was missing in the house. She realised that several of the houses along her road were a similar shape and the women were all single too.

How to Enhance Your Space To Support Your Relationship

So if you want to enhance the area relating to a male partner, start by looking at the south position.

If you want a female partner, look at the north.

If either space is blocked, cluttered or is in the bathroom, then it is likely that they won’t feel comfortable in the house.

Make sure that the area looks tidy, uncluttered and well lit. You could add a plant (especially if the area has a WC) or some flowers.

These positions impact the strongest energy and what support men and women. You should check outside too to make sure that your rubbish bins or compost heaps aren’t causing obstructions here.

Next, you should look to enhancing the northwest area of a house. This is the “lead male” position in the house. The “lead female” position is the southwest.

A client of mine had a tree in the northwest of her garden, close to her house. This was taking the male energy. Once the tree was removed, the energy was unblocked and she met her partner shortly afterwards.

What Type Of Relationship?

The terms “male” and “female” relate to yin and yang energy rather than just gender. The balance between energies is relevant with same sex or LGBQTI relationships.

Same sex relationships are affected by energy but this may not be in exactly the same as heterosexual ones and sometimes need a more tailored change. In fact some houses suit gay relationships better than straight ones. The balance of yin and yang is still vital.

The Entrance of Your Home

To improve any area in the house, you need to make sure that good energy can come in. Is the entrance to your home dark, the doorway obscured or lacking in natural light? Fresh, yang energy needs light to be able to flow in easily. If it can’t enter the home, then not only can life seem like a struggle but male energy won’t be drawn to the house. This could mean that a male partner won’t want to spend time in your home.

You can improve this by making the area lighter and brighter. Full spectrum daylight bulbs would be great here too.

Relationship Focus

If you’ve read any of my other articles you know that in Feng Shui, what you face represents your future, so place an image of what you want in your personal life opposite your bed. This way you are clear about the energy you want to attract. (Note: It’s best to avoid photos of exes here as they are past energy.)

If you need some ideas for images to have opposite your bed, take a look at some I’ve put some on a Relationships board on my Dynamic Spaces Pinterest page but Unsplash also has some good free images..

While this might not be a magic wand for you to achieve everything your heart desires, it could go a long way to helping you achieve your happy ever after.

Traditional Feng Shui can go deeper than this and there are other, more complicated tools that can optimize your relationship potential but these are very specific and personal to you and your home so can only be calculated as part of a consultation. If you’d like more information about this please email me.

Let me know how you get on!

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