Did you know that Feng Shui can affect your holiday? If you’ve ever stayed in a holiday rental property, you’ll know that those first impressions count and can set the tone for the whole stay. They can also give you lots of clues as to the type of energy in the space.Holiday villa - what sort of feng shui does it have

Sometimes even finding the property or getting access is tricky. This is a clue that the energy might not be reaching the property easily either.

Don’t let this ruin your holiday though. Generally, you need to stay somewhere for a few months before it really starts to have an effect on you. Although it can affect how you feel and whether you ever want to visit the property again.

There can be exceptions to this though. Have a read of my blog here if you want to know more about how things can go awry.

However, to make sure that you get the most from your holiday, here are a few tips to boost the energy of your holiday rental:

  • Plan ahead – it’s too late for this year but generally properties with good Feng Shui get booked up quicker than those that are less supportive. Even though the bookings are usually done online, we are still drawn to the good ones first. If something is available late in the season, there is often a reason and this is likely to be due to its energy.
  • Size – if you rent a large property and there are only a few of you, it could well feel a bit “spooky”! Big properties need lots of people. Without enough human energy, things can get “yin”. In extreme cases, this can feel eerie.
  • When you walk in, is the space light and airy? If there is plenty of light then the energy will be stronger. If not, open blinds or curtains or switch on lamps to get the light in.
  • Does the air smell fresh or stale? Stuffy or damp smells are another indicator that the energy is stagnant. Open windows as soon as you can to let the stuffy air and old energy out, and let the fresh air in. (You could also bring a scented candle to create a relaxing ambiance.)
  • Where are you sleeping? Beams may be characterful but you don’t want to sleep under them or have one over the bed. (You could end up arguing with your partner!)
  • Children can take longer to get used to new spaces so make sure that their bed is out of line with the door. This will make for a more restful nights sleep.

Hotels are different

If you’re staying in a hotel for your holiday, its effect will be different. The energy of a hotel and its Feng Shui are bigger issues but you could be affected by the energy of your room.

  • Make sure that you close the bathroom door at night – it’s not good for your health if you can see the toilet from your bed.

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