Frequently Asked Questions


What is Feng Shui, exactly?

There is much confusion and misconception about Feng Shui. This started from the time it was kept a secret by the ancient Chinese Emperors, then Feng Shui Masters in the East wanted to keep the source of their power a secret and then more recently when so much information became confused with some version of “Western” Feng Shui. Here are a few of the key questions that come up regularly:

It’s all about where you put your furniture, isn’t it?

Real Feng Shui is about ensuring that a building gets the right energy in before there can be any considerations about the internal layout.

If you consider that a building is like a body then you can see that the adage “you are what you eat” relates to what you put into a building.

Sometimes the biggest problem for a building is that it’s taking in little or unsupportive energy. This is why the entrance to any building and its surroundings are vital.

There are no benefits to having an immaculate interior if the building isn’t getting the right energy. This will result in the occupants having to use their own energy to support the building. (This could be paying more in bills that you earn – the classic Money pit)

I read a book and have got my crystals and chimes in the right places.

Lead crystals are beautiful when they catch the light and reflect it around. However if you put them in a position where they are reflecting and expanding unsupportive energy then you could be making the situation worse.

Chimes are used most commonly in Buddhist temples to keep away sick energy. So again if you don’t know the energy of where you are placing them you could be bringing in the idea of sick energy where you didn’t have any. Imperial Feng Shui rarely uses either of these because there are simpler ways to balance and enhance energy.

Can’t I just place a Bagua over my room, and then I’ll know where my fame, career, wealth and relationship areas are?

This system has no basis in traditional Feng Shui and only came to light in the 1990s. Real Feng Shui started being used over 4000 years ago. While there is lots of credit in having a positive approach to life and your environment, the “Black Hat” style is not Feng Shui. If it worked then we would all be rich, famous and healthy!

I’ve got my bed facing north already…

We all have a direction that suits us but one direction doesn’t suit us all. One of the systems we use is based on your date of birth and positions you in your bedroom facing a direction that suits you.

I don’t believe in it!

Feng Shui is a way of assessing the energy of your environment – you don’t need to believe in the energy, it just “is.” Your surroundings affect you regardless. It makes sense to tap in to the energy of your space. If you get the energy working in balance life is much simpler.

Do you have more questions? If you would like further explanation on any of the topics or something I haven’t covered please do get in touch.