This is definitely an expensive time of year with the continued cost of heating and the “holiday season” coming.

There clearly isn’t a magic solution to rising costs. We can’t all win the lottery and putting a 3 legged toad somewhere clever won’t work wonders either. (That’s not what real Feng Shui is about!)

So I was wondering if you might like to try an experiment that could save you money, or at the very least, make life a little easier?

Pink mews house

As part of every consultation I check these 5 key points before I start taking the readings and calculations. They always influence the energy of a house. (“Energy” relates to money, opportunities, luck and any support that makes life a little easier.)

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Take a look at the list below and see if your home has any of these. If it has, why not try one of the solutions and see if there is any change?

What you might find is that something changes “coincidentally”. It may be that you were owed money and it finally comes through, or an opportunity pops up.

If the solution listed isn’t suitable for your home, email me at . Sometimes you might need a different solution. Not every home is the same.

Can you see the front door from the street (or landing if you are in an apartment)?

You need to be able to get energy to your front door, as this is the “mouth” of the building. If your door isn’t easy to find, then you won’t be drawing in enough energy to support your home.

Solution: Make sure there is easy access to the door – clear any overgrown plants, create a path to the door if there isn’t one.

Is the area near the door bright and tidy?

Positive energy is “yang” energy. It is active and is attracted to light spaces. If the area by the door is dark, cluttered or in a basement, then the area is too passive to attract strong energy.

Solution: Make sure the walls are light colours. Additional lighting might be needed. Outside, a solar lamp would be a good option. Inside, a full spectrum bulb would be great.

Does your front door open easily and fully?

If your front door can’t open fully, then it isn’t able to draw in enough energy to feed your home. Also the door should open easily. Doors that are difficult to open reflect that life is a struggle.

Solution: Don’t store anything behind a door that will impede it. Sand down the door or frame so that it fits correctly.

When you stand at the front door and face in, can you see right through the house to a back door, window or a bathroom door?

If you can see through a house, then the energy is flowing straight through. This means that whatever comes into the house in terms of finances, will go straight out again.

This was the case for the house I live in now. I knew when I first saw it that we needed to make changes to stop the energy draining away but it was still really difficult to hold on to the money to get the work done. (It’s a pretty long story but we did manage it!)

Solution: If you have a door between the front and back, install an automatic closer so that it stays closed. If you have clear glass or a window, add an opaque blind or film.

What is in the southeast and north position of your home?

These positions relate to money energy. If they are blocked or cluttered or in the bathroom, you will not be supporting the energy.

Solution: Keep these areas clear and tidy. You could add a lush plant to the space.


Just a note:- if you’re making changes, don’t rush! Gradual improvements are better than stirring up the energy too quickly.

I’d love some feedback on what you find. Please get in touch here.


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