Feng Shui can affect conception and pregnancy

The use of Feng Shui when creating a supportive home to aid conception and pregnancy is extremely sensitive. There are lots of “Do’s and Don’ts”, many of which relate specifically to the property you’re living in.  However, there are some general points which will have an impact on any home.

Your house as a whole

In Feng Shui your house is seen as a body, with the entrance as the mouth, the centre as the heart and the back of the house as the hips. It then follows that the energy of your home, it’s shape and how it is used will impact on your own body and health. It can also exacerbate the health potentials of its occupants and the creation of new occupants.

Conception and pregnancy are treated extremely delicately in Feng Shui because altering the energy of a home can impact on a woman’s body. You shouldn’t even put a nail into a wall if there is a pregnant woman in the house. (Cue image of pretty much any home makeover show you have ever seen and the almost obligatory baby bump!)

Areas to look after to help conception and pregnancy

The Parents Position

There are some key areas to consider within your home if you want to create a more supportive environment for this adventure.

The positions that relate to the “mother” and “father” within the property are vital. The south relates to the father and the north relates to the mother. Check these positions to see if there is anything there that can impact on health or could be unsupportive.
Is there a compost heap there, rubbish bins, or is the shape of your home or plot missing in this space?
Is it a bathroom? Any of these can affect you. For example, a garage stuffed with boxes of junk isn’t the best idea. I have a client who removed 27 bags of “stuff” from the garage in the north just weeks before she won the lottery. I know that this is a different benefit, but I think it reflects on how our clutter can block us!

The first child position

The northwest as the position of the first son is important. If the energy of this is blocked, then it affects the conception of a son or daughter. I have had more than one client who has had trees blocking this position and the conception or health of the son has been an issue.

General Points*

  • The balance of yin and yang needs to be right. Essentially conception is the connection between male and female energy. A place that is too weak or strong in one area could have a negative impact on its opposite. Your home should be light and bright, fresh and uncluttered.
  • Specific Feng Shui readings aside, the bedroom needs to be clear of clutter. The curtains need to be opened every day. Windows need to be clean and the room should be aired regularly.
  • In Feng Shui what you face represents your future. This means the wall opposite your bed should have an image that depicts what you want – for example a picture of a family could be used.
  • You should you avoid any significant work on your home if you are trying to conceive and once you are pregnant. If you have emergency work to carry out, then the woman should be out of the house at the time. I have heard so many stories of early labour coinciding with building work in the position relating to the mother.
  • As a Feng Shui practitioner, I always advise clients not to even move the bed or make any changes to their home until after the baby arrives.

*Note: Theses are very general points that suit most homes. Obviously there are more specific calculations that form part of a personal consultation.

Wishing you health and harmony!



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