Feng Shui has so much superstition surrounding it, even in the Far East where it’s part of the culture, that it’s hardly surprising that there are so many misconceptions about it. This was exacerbated on the 1990’s when a “diluted” version became popular. Those of us using traditional Feng Shui are still trying to live that down! I spend so much time explaining what Feng Shui “isn’t” that thought I’d tackle a few of the most common Feng Shui myths:

Myth 1 – Feng Shui is just about having your furniture in the right place

Furniture placement is a fraction of what it’s about. Traditionally it was used by Chinese Emperors to bury the remains of their ancestors and to maintain control over their countries, so you can see how the position of a sofa is a really minor part of it. Feng Shui has much more to do with the environment and the position of a building and the energy it draws in.  (That said if you can feel the benefit of changing a room around, just imagine how it would feel to get a whole building right!)

Myth 2 – I don’t believe in Feng Shui

The name Feng Shui is a poetic Eastern way of describing an understanding of the energy of the earth, the seasons, the sun and moon, and nature. But this all exists and continues without (or despite) us. You don’t have to believe it – it just is.  Just like you don’t have to believe that the sun will rise. Using this knowledge is a way of working with nature.

Myth 3 – Feng Shui is a religion

Nope – some people may wax evangelical about its benefits, but it isn’t restricted to any religion. Due to its Eastern links, many traditional Feng Shui Masters were Buddhists but there are no religious connections.

Myth 4 – Your bed should face north

The energy of certain directions can be supportive or not depending on your year of birth but there is no single direction that suits everyone. However, the direction of your bed is important to give you supportive energy while you sleep, as this is when you refresh and maintain your health.

Myth 5 – A 3-Legged toad will bring me money

The only person 3-legged toads will bring money to is the person selling them! Some buildings have money energy, and some don’t. Some have money but it’s draining away. There are many practical ways to improve money energy but a 3-legged toad isn’t one of them.

What other odd claims have you heard about Feng Shui? I’d love to know!