Help sell your home

Make selling your property easier.

Over the years many clients have realised that, while Feng Shui has helped them live happily in their homes, it can also make it easier to sell your home too. Properties with good Feng Shui are “valued” more highly and can therefore reach a higher price and sell quicker too.

Sometimes the results can be surprisingly quick. In one case a client sold their home within 3 days of my visit. In that case an assessment of the property showed that the land wasn’t holding on to the energy and anything that was reaching the door wasn’t staying. The solutions were fairly simple and obviously effective.

Tips to help sell your home:

The main considerations in the advice I gave the client were as follows:

  • Can you see the front door?

    If the energy can’t reach the front door, then it makes it difficult for buyers to notice it, appreciate it or make an offer.

  • Is the entrance bright enough?

    This is an issue especially with communal areas within a block of flats, or basement properties where it can be literally below ground level. It could mean that female buyers are interested in the property but men aren’t. This is seriously affecting your pool of potential buyers. Making sure the area is light is vital. This can be with additional light sources, full spectrum daylight bulbs and lighter walls.

  • Does the property hold the energy?

    If you stand at the front door and can see through the house, or to the bathroom or the stairs, then it is difficult to get people to make an offer or for them to value your home so you get might only get low offers. This is because the energy is flowing straight through your home without benefiting you. This shouldn’t be a surprise, as this will have already been happening to you. Whatever money comes in, will be going straight out again.

  • Garden Boundaries

    If you have a front garden you should also consider your boundaries. Where there is nothing to define your space and hold the energy on your land, it is hard to catch opportunities, including a buyer.
    I had a client who was trying to find new business premises but it was only after he had missed out on a significant number of good properties, that we discovered that he hadn’t carried out recommended changes to improve the boundaries of his existing building. So this works in reverse too.

  • What do you face?

    In Feng Shui what you face represents your future. Lots of properties now use their front gardens for storing rubbish/recycling bins. However, good energy doesn’t go near dirt, darkness or rubbish so it pays to rethink what you show the world.

  • A Room with a View

    Buyers always look out of windows so make sure that you check what they will see or add voile or blinds to a view that is less than enticing. You could add window boxes with seasonal planting too or potted plants on a balcony.

  • Is there room for good chi?

    Once inside, make sure that the property is aired. If it’s been closed up or empty for a while, then the energy will be stale and negative energy can build which will affect a buyers first impression.

  • Entrances

    Keep doorways clear to allow people to move around freely and make sure that doors open fully.

  • Clutter!

    Get rid of surplus items of furniture and clear your “clutter”. People need to be able to move easily through the property. By getting rid of things you don’t need, you can make room for fresh energy, opportunities and a buyer to come in.

There are many additional factors that will impact on a sale but it always makes sense to get the energy of the property balanced first.


“Maria helped me to sell my home with ease. My home was beautiful, very chic and modern…I was a bit bemused when the house didn’t sell. Maria came in and helped me change the energy flows in very simple low cost and very effective ways. I had a call for a viewing 10 minutes after Maria left and the people bought it for the asking price!” E Wheeler.