A new challenge for the New YearUrgh! It’s January and personally, the thought of starting something new or manufacturing a resolution would take way more energy than I have at the moment. I know people who love the idea of January as a fresh start and will rise to the challenge but, truthfully, I do fancy hibernating with my Kindle until Spring. We all need some time to regroup and at this time of year, just after the winter solstice, the energy is only just starting to build so it is quite natural to be gentle with ourselves.

However, the real world of paying bills and getting business doesn’t allow for this and most of us need to keep our noses to the grindstone. If you find this time of year has you feeling “slumpish”, take heart in the fact that the energy itself doesn’t stay revving high the whole time and we can use the quieter times to gather energy and new ideas to work into the next busy phase.

I often describe Feng Shui as a “secret weapon” in terms of business – it can be that certain “something” that helps bring opportunities, convenient connections or that just oils the wheels and makes things a little easier on a day to day basis. (In real terms, it can make businesses a heck of a lot more successful and productive and I know clients who now say that they don’t ever have to worry about money again but that’s another story!)

So anyway, in the spirit of putting my money where my mouth is to make my January energy slump just that bit easier I am going to be following this checklist for my business:

1. Have a hard look at my work space: things that have accumulated in my office as a result of Christmas need to go pronto – this all relates to the past and the focus needs to be on what is to come. AND its untidy – I’m all for creative chaos some of the time but there needs to be some clarity.

2. Create a Focus List – I have a notice board opposite me so I’m going to prioritise my aims for 2017 and place these in clear view of my desk. (Lots of people use Vision Boards and this would work here.) I also have a daily “to do” list right in front of me on the desk.

3. Allow in light – my room in the north isn’t always the sunniest but it’s light and fresh and the window is clean. Light brings in yang (strong) energy.

4. Looking beyond my work space, it’s important to keep the energy reaching my home as strong as possible. The weather at this time of year is harsh on plants and flowers but it’s good to cut back dead growth and keep leaves and litter away from the entrance. Having evergreen plants and shrubs here also brightens things up, particularly if you can introduce some fresh, seasonal flowering plants.

5. Other things to keep under control include the recycling and rubbish bins. At this time of year the collections are often out of sync and having this piled up outside will impact on the positive energy reaching the door.

By giving myself a clear space to think and supportive energy to work with, I know I’ll soon gather the personal energy to get back into the work groove again. I hope that it works for you too if you need the boost.