vintage styleThe trend for buying vintage clothes or household items is recycling at its best. However, there are aspects of this that you may not welcome so much. Our possessions form part of our life and as such they absorb our energy. The principle of bringing old energy into your home is not ideal as the aim is to keep the energy of a home fresh rather than encouraging aspects that relate to the past.

Once you realise this, it makes you start to wonder doesn’t it? – do you know where that designer bargain has come from? It would be nice to think of it as the unworn cast off of a wealthy socialite but maybe its not….

With furniture too there is the potential that the item may have absorbed energy from less positive surroundings. 

Don’t despair though there are ways to still nab a treasure without destroying your luck or family’s fortunes.

To protect yourself against picking up “old vibes” make sure that furniture and non fabric items are wiped with a cleansing wash before you bring them into the house. Clothing should be dry cleaned.

There are certain items that it’s better not to use second hand: purses and wallets are especially tricky as this is taking on someone else’s financial energy.

Shoes have also absorbed too much of someone else’s energy to be good for you. 

Care should also be taken with items of baby equipment or clothing when you don’t know the previous owners, as  young babies have little resistance to negative energy and their health could be affected.

However things that are given to you by people you know are a different proposition. If its something you have a use for and you know where its come from then there’s less of an issue, especially if its something that has happy memories for you, but its worth remembering that you are accepting someone else’s energy.vintage furniture 

Naturally this doesn’t give you the green light to bring things into your home that are going to become clutter! There’s no point letting possessions hold you back by taking up space in your home.

The flip side of that is that it’s a great way to recycle your own items. Then it’s a case of Buyer Beware!