With summer upon us and the school holidays fast approaching most of us are looking forward to a summer holiday, whether its staying in a hotel, holiday home or even house swap. It’s a great

Holiday heavenchance to gain an insight in to the lifestyles of other cultures and understand how different nationalities prioritize different aspects of the home.

Warmer countries prioritize shady and cool interiors rather than the need we have in the UK for light and sunshine so you will often find really solid shutters or heavy planting in front of windows and cool, hard surfaces inside. Obviously if it’s hotter outside then you need the balance of a cooler interior retreat – it’s a natural balance of yin and yang.

When you are spending a lot of money on a holiday you really want to get the full benefit from it- if you don’t come back looking and feeling better then why bother?

If you rent a property at the start of the season it can often take a while to “warm up” to occupation as it can lack human chi or energy – especially if it’s a large property. 

A few years ago friends of mine spent the Whitsun holiday week in a French villa. They were the first visitors of the season and they said when they arrived the property smelt as if it hadn’t had any fresh air through it for a while. Before they’d had a chance to throw open the window 2 members of their group had separately tripped over and one of them needed to be hospitalised for several days. This was a result of the build up of sick energy in the house which had impacted on the most vulnerable members of the group.

This is an extreme example but when staying in a strange property you don’t really know what you are going to get in terms of the energy.

There are some simple things you can do to make your well-earned holiday into the trip you deserve:

Bearing the above anecdote – give the property an airing as soon as you get in. This will allow in the fresh energy and help to get rid of any stale or negative energy that has built up.

Look at where you’ll be sleeping – those characterful beams in the French gite or the eaves in the cute attic bedroom? They can cause problems for the body parts that beneath them so you could end up with a headache or worse. (A beam straight down the middle of a bed can cause marital arguments so beware!) It would be worth trying to move the bed away from the beam if you can.

If there are mirrors reflecting your bed you are unlikely to be able to sleep peacefully or you might have nightmares. You could try to cover the mirror or if you have mirrored wardrobes slide the doors along so that you can’t see your reflection.

Also if your bed is in line with the door or you are very close to the en suite your sleep or health could be affected too. If you can’t move the bed then at least try to keep the door to the room or bathroom closed.

If you are holidaying with children they will be affected by the energy as much as you so even if your bed is in a lovely calm position if theirs isn’t you wont be getting a restful night’s sleep!

Planning is important too although it may be a little too late now. I once worked on a consultation on a country estate with 8 holiday cottages. The ones with good Feng Shui were the ones that people booked first. People didn’t need to actually be in the property to be drawn to a good one. The ones with “less good” Feng Shui were left until last. This has always stuck in my mind when I leave booking a holiday until the last minute!

Now all that’s left is to find the sun lounger and enjoy!