A very personal approach

We value the privacy of our clients highly and as such never reveal details of our consultations. This does however create difficulties when trying to show the success of our work!

Our clients range from the owners of stately homes, fashion retail chains, high profile hair salons, high street coffee franchises, fast food outlets, horse stud farms and factories, to the smallest of flats. The principles of Feng Shui can be applied to any type of building.

The New Build

We’ve helped our clients build new homes from scratch when we advise on the orientation of the building right through to the room layout and colour scheme.

The Extension

A small dated bungalow was completely gutted and extended to create a light and modern open plan family home.

The Family Home

Our clients work from home, have a young family and were on a tight budget. They didn’t really want to make any changes so we worked with them to optimise the way they used their home to enable it to support both their family life as well as their business.

Site Assessments

Our business clients use us to help then assess the new sites for their portfolio ofnew shops, restaurants and cafes. This gives them the security of knowing that by choosing the right building they will get a good return on their investment.

Building Design

Our clients were opening a new health spa. They needed advice on how to use the building which was extremely flexible. By using our services they were able to utilise the energy to fulfil its maximum potential both in terms of the business and client satisfaction.