SensesThis year more than ever we need to find balance and recenter ourselves and our surroundings. When your senses tell you that something is wrong, it’s usually because you are picking up an imbalance in your space. Here’s a simple way to tune in to your senses so that you can improve your Feng Shui. 

Here’s How Your Senses Can Help You Improve Your Feng Shui


Notice the smell as you enter a room. Is there is a nice fresh scent to greet you? If a room smells musty or damp then the energy is stale and yin.

In cold weather we look for the opposite element to balance us. Sometimes a room is just too cold. Warming it up, adds yang energy and so makes it healthier.

Seasonal spices such as orange and cinnamon are a great way of evoking this warmth too and they work to keep away damp cold smells which indicate that the energy of a space is too yin which is not only unsupportive but unhealthy. These spicy, warming smells can often make your mouth water which is why they are so effective and so closely linked to:


We need to eat warm, hearty foods and avoid salads and icy drinks, to bring in heat to the body. Cold foods make our systems work too hard and deplete our energy. Seasonal spices and warming foods can stimulate our sluggish digestion.


Daylight is in short supply in winter, which is why we need to make our spaces fresh and light during the daytime. We need to create our own sunshine! Full spectrum bulbs are really effective for this. They’re strong enough to keep plants growing too. Yang energy such as bright light attracts more yang energy, the fresh active energy that supports us. My favourite place for full spectrum lights is Lumie. (I don’t have shares in them, but I think I should!)

This is why cheery decorative lights are so popular at this time of year too. Colour tones with the fire element in them, like red and orange are also welcome in colder seasons as we naturally look for warmth.

In Feng Shui, if you enter a room and the colour jars or stands out, then it shows that the colour doesn’t suit the innate energy of the room. If the room colour isn’t glaring, then it is in harmony with the energy of the space. This is important if you use really dramatic colour in your home. Is your room “wearing” the colour or does it feel right?


Sound is energy vibration. Too many hard surfaces will make a room uncomfortable. If you have tiled or wooden floors and lots of hard furniture, the energy will reverberate and cause discomfort. It can actually hurt your ears. You need approximately one third of the room to have soft furnishings and rugs to absorb the sound and slow the energy down. This can be a challenge if you have an open plan space. Plants, books and pictures are a good way to reduce the harsh vibration. Acoustic art panels could be a good solution too. I haven’t tried these yet so let me know if you have.


Being able to touch your surroundings and feel comfort is a vital human sense. This is more important than ever when we have had to be more cautious how much human contact we have this year.

Even temperature is one of the biggest touch signifiers at this time of year. Just like the 3 Bears, it needs to be just right! A soft furry throw to snuggle into brings a sense of comfort and warmth. 


All of these senses combine to create a space where we can let ourselves relax and tune into our sixth sense, our intuition, making for a calmer more balanced mood.

Wishing you Season’s Greetings!


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