Feng Shui Services

I offer a range of services to meet your specific requirements. If you don’t see the service you need listed please get in touch.

Feng Shui Consultation

This includes a consultation lasting around 3 hours to identify the energy of your home and fully discuss options for improving it. A report of the recommendations is provided and free follow up online support is available for up to 6 months after the consultation. Additional “check ups” are available on request. These can be remote assessments or on site visits. Fees for a standard Feng Shui Consultation start around £500.

Business Consultation

Do you realise that not every property has money energy? Would you want to try to run a business from one of these?

Any business needs a degree of “luck” to thrive. Having a Feng Shui consultation for your business premises can be the “secret weapon” to getting you that luck. It can help you to get more business, make people aware of your services, and make it easier to get clients to pay their invoices.

Any type of property can be assessed; to date we have worked for a pig farmer, many hair salons, fashion retailers, fast food and high street coffee franchises to name a few.

The guiding principles of Feng Shui are the same but it are tailored to your business needs.  Please contact me for fee details.

Pre-purchase Inspection

Having your prospective new home assessed takes some of the stress out of buying a new property. A pre-purchase inspection can identify the strength of the property, whether it suits you and provide suggestions as to any areas of concern. Fees for this type of assessment start at £168.

Pre-Sale Inspection

Many properties have inherent problems that make them difficult to sell. A pre-sale inspection identifies these areas and using cost effective methods will provide recommendations for change. When you consider the cost of a property and the fees involved in its sale, this is a shrewd move.

Properties with good Feng Shui sell quicker and for a better price than other properties. Fees for this type of assessment start at £168.

Pre-Purchase or Pre-rental Property Assessment

If you are looking for new premises it is vital to know that the move will be supportive to your business. Some buildings are good for certain activities and don’t suit others. Knowing which is right is vital to business success. We often assess several potential properties for clients to give them the chance to pick the best for their needs.