Getting the energy in to a property is vital

When I explain to anyone what my job is, the most frequent response is: “Feng Shui – that’s about moving furniture isn’t it?” 

Well it is, but real Feng Shui starts with getting the energy from outside in to a property. Only if you can do this, is the furniture layout worth worrying about. Even the most stylish of places won’t work if the energy can’t support it. What’s outside matters most.



5 key factors to help the Feng Shui in your home:


1. Can you see the front door?

If the energy can’t reach the front door, then it’s difficult to get the energy in. If you think of a house like a body, then what you put in to it is important for health. The door to a building is the mouth to let the energy in.

2. Garden Boundaries

If you have a front garden, then you need boundaries such as fencing or evergreen plants. If there is nothing to define your space and hold the energy on your land, then your property isn’t supporting you.

3. Does the property “hold” the energy?

If you stand at the front door and can see through the house, or to the bathroom or the stairs, then any energy coming in will flow straight through without benefiting you.

4. Is the area around entrance bright enough?

This is an issue for every property but especially for communal areas within a block of flats, or basement properties where it can be literally below ground level. Make sure the area is light with additional light sources, full spectrum daylight bulbs and lighter walls.

5. What is outside?

In Feng Shui what you face represents your future. It is more common now to store rubbish and recycling bins in the front garden. Good energy is affected by dirt, darkness or rubbish so it pays to rethink what’s outside your home. 

For more information on how your garden can help the energy of your home, have a look at my earlier blog: Feng Shui in the Garden

There’s no denying that the layout of a room can have an impact on how we feel in our home – whether you feel relaxed, sleep well or work productively or but you need to start from outside first. Feng Shui is more than furniture layout!


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