Nature's harvest

Seasonal Adjustments

There are lots of positives to autumn – beautiful foliage, blustery walks, cosying up indoors with a hot chocolate and a good book. But other parts of it can be harder to adjust to. Darker evenings and the drop in temperatures are a real shock to the system. But making the most of autumn’s energy can keep us moving forward even if hibernating is starting to feel like a good idea.

Things can still start to feel like hard work if you get up in the dark and the day doesn’t seem to get much brighter. Work projects can start to feel like walking through treacle and everything is a struggle.

Do you remember the lift and buzz in spring-time? That was the boost from the fresh energy of the year. Now we’re at the other end of the cycle.* This is the time of year more suited to “holding” and planning.  Nature shows us this with the harvest to provide for the coming winter.

Picking your moment

Autumn doesn’t have the really strong energy to carry you forward as the yang energy depletes approaching the Winter Solstice (21/22 December). If you want to start new projects, find a new job, sell houses etc, then you need to be prepared to use your own energy.

You may have felt this already?

You really need a clear focus and determination to push on. Ironically, the year-end often brings with it deadlines and targets that need meeting just when the energy is waning.

In Feng Shui we use time as the extra dimension to the energy of place. Using the two together can have amazing results. We catch the best time energy to match you and your space. 

Tips to Catch the make the most of Autumn

While it might not be possible to transform your autumn into an energy-fuelled whirlwind of extraordinary achievement, there are some simple things you can do to support yourself at this time:

  • The end of the year isn’t always the ideal time to start big projects as the energy is too low. However, if you have something you’re planning for this time of year, be very clear what it is and have an image that represents it clearly visible. For a personal goals, you can place the image opposite your bed. If it’s a professional goal, place it opposite your desk or work space.
  • Get more fresh air, even just getting outside to walk. This way you are at least catching some yang energy.
  • Make sure that your home sees daylight – you may leave home/start work in the dark but open your curtains before you go!
  • If you work under artificial light, replace bulbs with full spectrum daylight bulbs. Plants can survive under this type of lighting, which means that is clearly more healthy than standard lighting.
  • Bring some nature in to your home or workplace – leafy plants and natural materials. Plants help to absorb the harmful electro-magnetic energy of computers and electronics. If they die, replace them. Unless you are completely neglecting them, they may be dying because they’re absorbing the negative energy.
  • At some point in the day open a window, especially a bedroom window (even if it’s just briefly when it’s cold). Letting in yang energy will be good for your mood.
  • It seems like a small thing to air your bed but if you throw back the duvet in the morning you are helping to bring in fresher energy. This will help you get a better rest each night.
  • Do you have a pile of books or work reading by your bed? Move it! Mixing the energy of sleep and work will affect the quality of your sleep. 

All of the above enable you to catch the fresh yang energy that is harder to find as we approach the end of the year.  At the same time, it’s giving you the chance to refresh your own personal energy and start each day with a clear focus. 

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*Obviously if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere you are just getting Spring! Congrats!