A lovely view from the front door could be draining your energy.

I recently saw a property for a client who’d been experiencing difficulties with life and personal relationships. She said: “It could be something really simple but I don’t know what it is!”. In fact I saw the problem as soon as I arrived at the house. Even before entering you could see from the front door straight through to the back garden. This meant that the energy didn’t have a chance to flow round the rest of the house. The owner had no support from the property and was using her own energy to keep everything running.  While we all have to look after our homes, pay bills, carry out maintenance etc, when a property isn’t giving you any support in return, you end up  energetically “overdrawn”.

Is your property draining your energy?

How does it affect me?

Using the word “energy” or “chi”  can make it seem like a whimsy, dreamy thing, but it can have very direct impact on everyday life. Are you trying to get a new job, meet a partner, save money or do just about anything that requires help from outside?

You might start off working towards this goal with enthusiasm but this soon wanes. This shows that energy is reaching your property but is dissipating very quickly. You end up having to work really hard to get anything done. This can be exhausting, financially and emotionally. Many people blame themselves at this stage, thinking that they aren’t working hard enough. It’s a relief to be told that it’s a problem with the house.

The issue doesn’t only impact homes. It affects businesses, shops and offices too. It can cause problems with getting and retaining new clients, as well as all other aspect of running a business, including staff morale, cash flow and profit.

Isn’t a great view a good thing?

Usually yes, but not immediately you open the main door. If you have a lovely view out to a garden and beyond it’s an easy mistake to want to see it as soon as you enter. When you consider the trend for open plan living/dining spaces, especially with large glazed doors into the garden and you can see how this is a common problem.

However, think of the house as a body and the front door as the mouth. The door takes in energy to keep the house healthy and support its occupants. The back door is the exit of energy so you can see why you don’t want them in a line.

Wanting to sell?

I’ve seen numerous properties where the owner was so desperate to sell that they even got a Feng Shui Master in for advice! One client had a property on the market for months but sold it within 2 days of correcting the problem.

I’ve tried to explain to estate agents how this simple “trick” could help them and their clients. I once even went into an agent’s offices to chat and noticed that their fire exit was opposite the entrance. Their own property’s energy was draining away. It was no surprise that they weren’t able to grasp this lucky snippet before it flew straight out the building!

I‘ve been there!

We bought a house with this problem. There had been a lot of potential buyers but none of the offers had worked out. Even though I knew this needed to be the first change we made, it still took considerable persistence, (and more money than you would believe!) to make the necessary changes.

The solution

The simplest solution is to obscure the view through the house. This can be done by covering a window or door with an opaque blind or curtain. If you have the space, you could position a piece of furniture in line with the door to block the direct flow of chi.

If there is an internal door between the front and back doors, add a self-closing mechanism to keep it closed.

In our case, we built a porch at the front of the house to give the energy more room to enter but this was quite an extreme solution.

Are stairs the problem?

If your front door faces the stairs then you could have a similar issue. The principles to stop the problem are the same but you have to get creative to solve it in narrow hallways.

But while you’re doing that…

Your hallway should remain light and bright. It can be tricky to balance this against not having a direct light source. Borrowing light is one option – especially if you have light filled rooms off the hall. Also using full spectrum daylight bulbs that simulate natural light are great here too. They provide enough light for plants to grow which shows how effective they can be.

Negative Consolation

There is some consolation with properties that don’t hold energy. They also let any negative energy flow straight through too. I saw a house with stairs opposite the front door and the occupants couldn’t save money. However the position of the stairs also kept the sick energy from accumulating in the house.

This issue comes up regularly during a Feng Shui consultation. If you can contain the energy, life will be much less of a struggle, you’ll get more support from those around you and your business could be more profitable too. Added to which your hard work will have greater benefits.

So does this resonate with your home or workplace? Contact me here for further help.