Internet dating4I’ve been having some vicarious fun recently watching various friends’ online dating escapades. (You know who you are – thanks for keeping me entertained!) And it made me realise how amazing it is that anyone ever meets their partner on line.

I know looks are key in relationship decisions, especially in the early stages. Some people come across well on social media too. But how do you communicate someone’s energy and whether you will “click” in real life? In this “information age”, everything is communicated so quickly that it’s easy to be misled and misdirected. “Was he/she trying to be funny?” etc.

Each of us has our own energy (just as buildings do) and while it’s true that you can make initial impressions based on looks (and it needs to be the FACE people!) it really is a minefield.

I know property with good energy can attract people with just an online presence. Rental properties with good Feng Shui are more successful online, so it follows that there’s a way to use your home to improve your chances of connecting with someone online too.

Here are 3 ways that your Feng Shui can make a difference to your chance of online dating success: *

  • In Feng Shui, what you face represents your future, so place an image of what you want for your personal life opposite your bed. If you want a relationship, then a picture of a couple would be suitable. This way you are being clear about the energy you would like to attract. (It’s best to avoid photos of exes here as this is past energy.)


  • Is the entrance to your home dark or do you live in a basement? If so, then your home isn’t letting in enough yang, (masculine) energy. This means that not only can life seem like hard work but also male energy won’t be drawn to the house. This could be reflected in a boyfriend not wanting to spend time in your home or not having a partner at all. If you are male, then you are also affected as you might not be getting the attention and recognition you deserve. This can be corrected by making the area lighter and brighter. Full spectrum daylight bulbs would be great here too.


  • The shape of your home and its layout also affects your potential. The south and the north west relate to the lead male of the house. If these spaces are missing, full of junk or are bathrooms, then it doesn’t bode well for men in the house. I had a client who had a large tree blocking the north west of her garden. Once it was removed, it allowed space for her to have a new partner. (Yes, I’ve heard the “It’s a coincidence” response but how would you not want to test the theory?) If one of these positions is a bathroom, then a live plant and some green paint could be needed pronto! If these positions are fine, then check the female positions within your home. The north and south west positions relate to the lead female in a house. Again if these areas are missing, are being drained or don’t look great, then it will impact on the support a woman is getting from both her surroundings as well as the outside world.

It’s amazing how quickly you can transform a space when you know it could be having an impact on the rest of your life!


Let me know how you get on!


*There are many other ways that Feng Shui can support relationships but many of these are subjective and don’t suit every property even though they are incredibly effective!