Moving water can enhance your home and finances.

Moving water can enhance your home and finances.

A recent survey by one of my favourite “house porn” websites, Houzz, identified that of people currently considering a garden makeover, there is an increased trend (of 21%) to add a water feature. This increase is important if you consider the fact that water in a garden has a direct impact – positive or negative – on finances, health and relationships. Suddenly it becomes about more than the refreshing tinkling of water splashing over stones as you sunbathe.

Certainly, some of the trends in water features are pretty impactful and rills and channels of water look beautiful but getting it wrong invites problems. I know for a fact that if our water pump cuts out when the electricity shorts (the toaster!) then within a few days I’m alerted to check the pump as my finances start to take a hit.

So, in this case ignorance isn’t bliss and some simple tips are in order:

  • The position of your water feature is vital – the best locations are in the southeast or the north.
  • The water must be moving, so you need a pump of some sort to circulate the water. The pump must be kept on, otherwise you damage the financial energy. There are some solar powered pumps but these may not be effective enough for year-round benefit where you live.
  • The strength of the water flow is important: if it’s too fast, then you won’t be able to cope with the energy it brings. However, if it’s too slow, it won’t be strong enough to benefit you.
  • The direction of the water flow should be towards your house. If it goes the wrong way, then you are sending money/energy out.
  • The water needs to be fresh so using plants or straw bundles to keep the water clear is important. It makes sense that murky, boggy water isn’t a good reflection on finances.
  • The water must sound pleasant. If the noise jars and isn’t relaxing, then the energy isn’t right.
  • The scale of the feature is also important – it needs to be relative to the building. I have seen a water feature worthy of a stately home in the garden of a suburban bungalow. Balance is everything in this.

The key focus here is on finances, as this is the greatest area of benefit, but as I mentioned, getting the position wrong can affect the health of a family member as well as relationships, so proceed with caution. (It is always safer to have someone who knows traditional Feng Shui help you with this to avoid costly mistakes.)

These basics are your starting point, however finding a water feature that you find appealing is up to you!

I’ve put some links to images and articles that might be helpful on my Dynamic Spaces Ideas board on Pinterest:

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