How to give your business an advantage using Feng Shui

Signage to give your business an advantage

There are times with any business when it feels like you need an extra boost to give your business an advantage. You know, those times when you are working as hard as you can but are constantly faced with obstacles. This is incredibly frustrating when you are good at what you do and you think that you have everything in place to succeed. Having worked with Feng Shui on homes and businesses for over 20 years, it’s clear that the benefits of … Continue reading

It’s not what you think – 5 Feng Shui Myths

Feng Shui Myths

Feng Shui has so much superstition surrounding it, even in the Far East where it’s part of the culture, that it’s hardly surprising that there are so many misconceptions about it. This was exacerbated on the 1990’s when a “diluted” version became popular. Those of us using traditional Feng Shui are still trying to live that down! I spend so much time explaining what Feng Shui “isn’t” that thought I’d tackle a few of the most common Feng Shui myths: Myth 1 – … Continue reading

5 Points To Consider When Extending Your Home

Extend your home

The changing needs of a growing family (growing in number or the actual size of the individuals), the blending of families and the cost of moving often mean that extending your home is the most practical and economical option to getting more space. Naturally, the aim is to “improve” your space but there are often pitfalls which mean that you can damage the energy of your home too. It defeats the object to go through all of the effort and upheaval only … Continue reading

Need Help Sleeping Like a Baby?

Sleeping like a baby

In the summer of last year I wrote an article highlighting some points to consider in your home if you are looking to conceive or are pregnant. It makes sense to also consider what happens when your efforts with this are successful. So here are a few tips to help you get your new person sleeping like a baby! (Coincidentally that blog was written almost nine months ago.) With a first baby (or babies – I had twins) it’s a steep learning … Continue reading